A free guest speaker on Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders

Hi I’m Brent Russell owner of Tarrant County Pest Control. If you are a teacher or you know a teacher in the Arlington or Mansfield ISD that would like me to speak to the kids about Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders in Texas just send me an email or call. I would be happy to do this free of charge.

It’s an entomology lesson talking about ants, termites and poisonous spiders.

It’s a math lesson when talking about doing a termite treatment and how to figure linear feet and square feet.

It’s a life lesson when talking about why staying in school and getting a diploma can help a student get a job after graduation.

I will also have a black widow, brown recluse and some bed bugs for the students to look at. Don’t worry. They are all dead and preserved in alcohol.

Brent Russell, Owner
Tarrant County Pest Control


The Cicada Killer

A cicada killer is a large ground dwelling wasp that catches, stings and paralyzes a cicada. Then it returns back to it’s nest in the ground and lays it’s eggs inside the live paralyzed cicada. As the eggs hatch the new cicada killers have a fresh food source to feed on.

The cicada killer makes a small perfectly round hole in the dirt with a small mound of dirt surrounding it. Many home owners are baffled by what could be making these small holes in there yard.

The female cicada killer is larger then the male. It also is the only one with a stinger. The smaller male cicada killer will buzz around you back and forth trying to get you away from the female. Don’t be alarmed though because the male cicada killer doesn’t even have a stinger and even though the female does have a stinger it very rarely ever stings. Unless your a cicada.

Tarrant County Pest Control



15 years in business

In October 1996 my little girl was about to turn 5 years old and I need to make some extra money to throw her a birthday party. I had no idea at that time that what I was about to do would be the beginning of me running my own business.

And now this October my little girl will turn 20 and I will have been in business for 15 years.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last 15 years with there business and referrals.

Watch for details to come soon on a 15 year anniversary celebration and thank you again for your support over the last 15 years.

Brent Russell
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