A bed bug and it’s eggs.

When I lifted up the edge of this carpet I found a female bed bug with her eggs.



What’s your June Bug story?

When my wife was a little girl her brother gathered together a bucket full of June Bugs. When she wasn’t looking he snuck up behind her and dumped the bucket of June bugs on top of her head. She had long hair and the legs on the June Bugs wouldn’t let go of her hair. So it took her a long time to get all of the June Bugs out here hair. To this day she does not like June Bugs.

Our little friend the June Bug is back. Every year in North Texas sometime in early June, just as the name implies, the June Bug appears. Did you know that the grub worms in your yard turn into June Bugs.

What’s your June Bug story? I know you if you have lived in Texas long enough you have one.




Short Termite Season in Texas

It looks like this year we had a really short termite season. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area I think it only lasted about two weeks. That’s not necessarily good for homeowners or pest control operators. It’s not good for homeowners because Termites live inside of the wood and most homeowners don’t realize they have termites until they swarm. So meanwhile the termites go about their business slowly destroying the wood until they are discovered. And for pest control operators, when there’s less termites discovered there’s less termite business.


I am often asked. How do you tell the difference between termites and carpenter ants? Here’s what I look for.

Both sets of wings on a termite are the same size, but a carpenter ant has two different sizes of wings.

The body of the termite has a wide waist. The body of a carpenter ant has a very narrow waist.

On a carpenter ant the antennae are elbowed, but on a termite they are straight.

But I think the easiest way to tell if it’s termites or carpenter ants is by looking at the type of damage they have done. They both tear through the wood doing the same kind of damage but there’s something that termites do that will give them away every time.

After subterranean termites eat some wood they go in the yard and get some soil and bring it back. Then they line the area of wood they just ate with dirt. Sooner or later they come through the wall and start to patch the hole with more and more mud. Then the mud dries out and just looks like a patch of dirt on the wall. So there will always be dirt with termite damage.

Carpenter ants will make small piles of sawdust on the floor or in a windowsill. So when I have a customer call me and say ” I think I have termites because I’m seeing small piles of sawdust in the windowsill” I know right away it’s not termites, it’s carpenter ants.

If you ever need to know if your looking at ants or termites, just take a picture of it and text it to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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One of the things I look for when I’m doing a termite inspection is termite damage. The easiest type of termite damage to recognize is when you see what looks like, little spots of mud, on a wall or ceiling.

Termites need three things to survive. Cellulose, water and soil. They get cellulose by eating wood and digesting it. And they get water by eating dirt. They actually eat dirt and wood to survive.

After a termite eats some wood it goes into the yard and gets some fresh soil then brings it back and lines the area of wood it just ate with mud. That’s why sometimes you will see spots of mud on a wall where termites start coming through.

Here are some pictures of the type of termite damage I’m talking about

If you think you might have termite damage give me a call for a free inspection.

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OUCH! A True story, By Brent Russell

It all happened yesterday. Here’s how it all went down. First we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful Easter service. After church we went home to cook hotdogs on the grill and enjoy the beautiful day. That’s when it started. We were sitting on the patio and a wasp flew by us then a few minutes later three more wasps came by so I got some of my wasp spray out and sprayed them. So I’m thinking problem solved now I can go back to enjoying this beautiful day. Man was I wrong about that. Next thing I know five or six wasps were flying around my patio. When I looked around in my backyard I noticed at least another dozen wasps all over the place. They were all over the backyard and on the side of my house so I went out front and there were so many wasps I couldn’t even count them. They were all over in the holly bushes, under the eves, around the garage and trying to make wasp nests all around the house under the eaves. And while I was standing there looking at all of this that’s when it happened. All of the sudden BAM a wasp stung me on the leg. I’m thinking to myself, that wasp has no idea who he’s messing with. NOW ALL WASP MUST DIE!

The first thing I did was get out my hand pump sprayer and mixed up an insecticide called transport. This product works really well on ants and wasps because like the name says when they get it on them they transported it back to the nest and it helps wipe out the colony.

But that alone wasn’t enough to take care of the large-scale wasp problem I was having. And after all, I had been stung. This was personal, this was war. It was time to bring out the big guns. So I loaded up the big spray rig thats mounted in back of my truck and began spraying down everything. I sprayed down the patio, the walls, the yard, the bushes and the eves all the way around the house at maximum strength. After it all dried I had to get out the broom and sweep away all the dead bugs and wasps. That wasp that stung me may have won the battle but I won the war. Now I can sit on my patio and not be terrorized.

It looks like spring is here and the bugs and wasps are out in force. So if you are allergic to bee or wasp stings be on the alert. If you would like me to do a treatment like this on your house just give me a call to set an appointment.

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Spring is just around the corner

Last week we had some warm and sunny days in the 70s. Today is cold and windy and still a little bit too cold for most bugs to come out. But I think spring is just around the corner. When the temperatures start getting in the 70s the bugs will start coming out and when the temperature gets above 80 and we have a warm spring rain the termites start swarming. That’s when the pest control business really starts getting busy. Here’s a red wasp I saw today.