Spring is just around the corner

Last week we had some warm and sunny days in the 70s. Today is cold and windy and still a little bit too cold for most bugs to come out. But I think spring is just around the corner. When the temperatures start getting in the 70s the bugs will start coming out and when the temperature gets above 80 and we have a warm spring rain the termites start swarming. That’s when the pest control business really starts getting busy. Here’s a red wasp I saw today.



How to keep from bringing bed bugs home with you.

Staying in a hotel can be a lot of fun but bringing bedbugs home with you can be a nightmare. The most common way bedbugs are spread is by bringing them home in your suitcase.
How to keep from bringing bed bugs home with you.
1. Do not put your luggage on a bed in a hotel room. The first thing most of us do when we arrive in a hotel room is to put our luggage on the bed. Bed bugs are nocturnal, feed only on blood and do not move far from their food source. Therefore the most common place to find bed bugs, as their name suggest, is in or around the bed. And the most common way they are transported is in luggage. So do not set your luggage on the bed. Keep it on a luggage rack as far away from the bed as possible.

2. When you get home wash and dry all the clothes in your suitcase whether you wore them or not. The heat from the dryer will kill any bed bugs or their eggs and help prevent them from spreading into your home. Keep in mind that bedbugs can hide in the cracks and crevices of a suitcase as well. So if you suspect you might have stayed somewhere that had bed bugs it would be a good idea to spray the suitcase down with a safe insecticide or put it inside of a trash bag and seal it up tight for storage. Personally I would probably just throw the suitcase away and get another one next time I travel. Bedbugs can go up-to one year without feeding. So it can be very difficult to get rid of them once they get into your luggage.

How to look for bedbugs in your hotel room.
I always carry a flashlight with me when I travel and the first thing I do when I get in a hotel room is check between the mattress and box springs and the bead that goes around the edge of the mattress. I pull the sheets back and lift the mattress up looking for any small bugs or small black spots. Also I look on the mattress and the sheets for any blood spots. Then finally the last place I looked is between the headboard and the wall. If there are any bedbugs in that room I will find them in one of those places.

My wife is a flight attendant and travels every week and by following these simple rules we have been able to keep the bugs out of our house. But I also can’t help thinking about how I run more bed bug jobs every year then I did the year before. And this year there have been bedbugs reported in every state in the United States. By being aware of the severity of this problem and following these simple steps you too can head off the nightmare of living with bed bugs.

If you have any questions or think you might have brought bedbugs home and would like me to give you a free inspection just give me a call. Or if you are staying in a hotel and see something that you think might be bedbugs but are not sure feel free to take a picture of it and text it to me. I will look at the picture and see if I can tell you if it is bedbugs or not and text you back right away.

I hope this information has been helpful and you have a great spring break.

Brent Russell, owner, Tarrant County Pest Control
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Thank you, Brent Russell


A free guest speaker on Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders

Hi I’m Brent Russell owner of Tarrant County Pest Control. If you are a teacher or you know a teacher in the Arlington or Mansfield ISD that would like me to speak to the kids about Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders in Texas just send me an email or call. I would be happy to do this free of charge.

It’s an entomology lesson talking about ants, termites and poisonous spiders.

It’s a math lesson when talking about doing a termite treatment and how to figure linear feet and square feet.

It’s a life lesson when talking about why staying in school and getting a diploma can help a student get a job after graduation.

I will also have a black widow, brown recluse and some bed bugs for the students to look at. Don’t worry. They are all dead and preserved in alcohol.

Brent Russell, Owner
Tarrant County Pest Control

The Cicada Killer

A cicada killer is a large ground dwelling wasp that catches, stings and paralyzes a cicada. Then it returns back to it’s nest in the ground and lays it’s eggs inside the live paralyzed cicada. As the eggs hatch the new cicada killers have a fresh food source to feed on.

The cicada killer makes a small perfectly round hole in the dirt with a small mound of dirt surrounding it. Many home owners are baffled by what could be making these small holes in there yard.

The female cicada killer is larger then the male. It also is the only one with a stinger. The smaller male cicada killer will buzz around you back and forth trying to get you away from the female. Don’t be alarmed though because the male cicada killer doesn’t even have a stinger and even though the female does have a stinger it very rarely ever stings. Unless your a cicada.

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15 years in business

In October 1996 my little girl was about to turn 5 years old and I need to make some extra money to throw her a birthday party. I had no idea at that time that what I was about to do would be the beginning of me running my own business.

And now this October my little girl will turn 20 and I will have been in business for 15 years.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last 15 years with there business and referrals.

Watch for details to come soon on a 15 year anniversary celebration and thank you again for your support over the last 15 years.

Brent Russell
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How to get rid of ants in the kitchen

It can be very disturbing to find ants crawling all over the kitchen counter. My first thought might be to spray them with whatever bug spray I might have under the counter. But wait! I can’t do that. I don’t want to spray pesticide all over my counter where I prepare food.

There is an organic way to deal with this problem so I don’t have to use any pesticides in my food preparation area.

1. The first thing to do is wash down all counter tops and surfaces with a vegetable oil-based cleaner and hot water.

2. Store everything especially sugar in air tight containers.

3. Mix some white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray the areas where ants have been seen.

There are many organic items in the home that can be used to help get rid of ants. Some of those things include black pepper, cream of tartar, cloves, bay leaves, baby powder, flour, bone meal, powdered charcoal, boric acid, orange oil, red chili pepper, peppermint oil or dried peppermint.

Sometimes an organic method works well in getting rid of ants and sometimes it doesn’t help much at all. If you have tried everything and the ants still keep coming back then it’s time to call a professional. A professional will know how to apply pesticides in a safe manner so you won’t have to worry about the pesticides. Also, a professional pest control company like Tarrant County Pest Control can stop the ants from coming back with a money back guarantee.

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