Argentine Ants

Here is a video of some argentine ants I saw today. This long hot summer has made them very active.


Millions of Floating Ants Invade Lake

I saw something interesting today. I was on Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas this evening when I looked in the water and noticed the water was covered with carpenter ants. It wasn’t just a few ants. It was hundreds of thousands if not millions of carpenter ants all over the lake. We went to several places on the lake with the boat and saw the same thing over and over again. What made me notice them was when I saw little bubbles all over the lake. I was looking to see what the bubbles were and that’s when I noticed carpenter ants were making the little bubbles. We had a thunderstorm with a heavy downpour this morning then the sun came out and the temperature rose above 90°. That caused the carpenter ants to swarm. When they swarm they grow wings and fly off with the wind. But when they got over the lake and hit the water they were stuck on the lake. Then the lake became covered in millions of winged carpenter ants.

A free guest speaker on Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders

Hi I’m Brent Russell owner of Tarrant County Pest Control. If you are a teacher or you know a teacher in the Arlington or Mansfield ISD that would like me to speak to the kids about Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders in Texas just send me an email or call. I would be happy to do this free of charge.

It’s an entomology lesson talking about ants, termites and poisonous spiders.

It’s a math lesson when talking about doing a termite treatment and how to figure linear feet and square feet.

It’s a life lesson when talking about why staying in school and getting a diploma can help a student get a job after graduation.

I will also have a black widow, brown recluse and some bed bugs for the students to look at. Don’t worry. They are all dead and preserved in alcohol.

Brent Russell, Owner
Tarrant County Pest Control

How to get rid of ants in the kitchen

It can be very disturbing to find ants crawling all over the kitchen counter. My first thought might be to spray them with whatever bug spray I might have under the counter. But wait! I can’t do that. I don’t want to spray pesticide all over my counter where I prepare food.

There is an organic way to deal with this problem so I don’t have to use any pesticides in my food preparation area.

1. The first thing to do is wash down all counter tops and surfaces with a vegetable oil-based cleaner and hot water.

2. Store everything especially sugar in air tight containers.

3. Mix some white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray the areas where ants have been seen.

There are many organic items in the home that can be used to help get rid of ants. Some of those things include black pepper, cream of tartar, cloves, bay leaves, baby powder, flour, bone meal, powdered charcoal, boric acid, orange oil, red chili pepper, peppermint oil or dried peppermint.

Sometimes an organic method works well in getting rid of ants and sometimes it doesn’t help much at all. If you have tried everything and the ants still keep coming back then it’s time to call a professional. A professional will know how to apply pesticides in a safe manner so you won’t have to worry about the pesticides. Also, a professional pest control company like Tarrant County Pest Control can stop the ants from coming back with a money back guarantee.

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