Millions of Floating Ants Invade Lake

I saw something interesting today. I was on Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas this evening when I looked in the water and noticed the water was covered with carpenter ants. It wasn’t just a few ants. It was hundreds of thousands if not millions of carpenter ants all over the lake. We went to several places on the lake with the boat and saw the same thing over and over again. What made me notice them was when I saw little bubbles all over the lake. I was looking to see what the bubbles were and that’s when I noticed carpenter ants were making the little bubbles. We had a thunderstorm with a heavy downpour this morning then the sun came out and the temperature rose above 90°. That caused the carpenter ants to swarm. When they swarm they grow wings and fly off with the wind. But when they got over the lake and hit the water they were stuck on the lake. Then the lake became covered in millions of winged carpenter ants.