Rabies Alert for Grand Prairie, Texas

Animal control officials have confirmed a case of rabies in a skunk found in Grand Prairie, Texas. To protect your pets from rabies have them vaccinated. If you see a skunk, stay away! Not that anyone would want to get close to a skunk anyway. But just the same, stay away and keep your pets way too. Remember a skunk may have rabies but may not appear to be sick in the early stages of rabies.


Now is the time for a FLEA TREATMENT!
I have received numerous calls this week for flea treatments. Fleas are bad this year! If you have not yet treated your pets, now is a good time. If your seeing fleas in your house or on your pet now would be a good time to treat your house, yard and pets.

Brent Russell, owner of Tarrant County Pest Control



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Millions of Floating Ants Invade Lake

I saw something interesting today. I was on Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas this evening when I looked in the water and noticed the water was covered with carpenter ants. It wasn’t just a few ants. It was hundreds of thousands if not millions of carpenter ants all over the lake. We went to several places on the lake with the boat and saw the same thing over and over again. What made me notice them was when I saw little bubbles all over the lake. I was looking to see what the bubbles were and that’s when I noticed carpenter ants were making the little bubbles. We had a thunderstorm with a heavy downpour this morning then the sun came out and the temperature rose above 90°. That caused the carpenter ants to swarm. When they swarm they grow wings and fly off with the wind. But when they got over the lake and hit the water they were stuck on the lake. Then the lake became covered in millions of winged carpenter ants.

What’s your June Bug story?

When my wife was a little girl her brother gathered together a bucket full of June Bugs. When she wasn’t looking he snuck up behind her and dumped the bucket of June bugs on top of her head. She had long hair and the legs on the June Bugs wouldn’t let go of her hair. So it took her a long time to get all of the June Bugs out here hair. To this day she does not like June Bugs.

Our little friend the June Bug is back. Every year in North Texas sometime in early June, just as the name implies, the June Bug appears. Did you know that the grub worms in your yard turn into June Bugs.

What’s your June Bug story? I know you if you have lived in Texas long enough you have one.




Spring is just around the corner

Last week we had some warm and sunny days in the 70s. Today is cold and windy and still a little bit too cold for most bugs to come out. But I think spring is just around the corner. When the temperatures start getting in the 70s the bugs will start coming out and when the temperature gets above 80 and we have a warm spring rain the termites start swarming. That’s when the pest control business really starts getting busy. Here’s a red wasp I saw today.