A free guest speaker on Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders

Hi I’m Brent Russell owner of Tarrant County Pest Control. If you are a teacher or you know a teacher in the Arlington or Mansfield ISD that would like me to speak to the kids about Ants, Termites and Poisonous Spiders in Texas just send me an email or call. I would be happy to do this free of charge.

It’s an entomology lesson talking about ants, termites and poisonous spiders.

It’s a math lesson when talking about doing a termite treatment and how to figure linear feet and square feet.

It’s a life lesson when talking about why staying in school and getting a diploma can help a student get a job after graduation.

I will also have a black widow, brown recluse and some bed bugs for the students to look at. Don’t worry. They are all dead and preserved in alcohol.

Brent Russell, Owner
Tarrant County Pest Control